Professional repair work extends the service life and increases output of your assets

Based on many years of experience in the production of GRP components (glass fibre reinforced plastic) or aluminium for spinner and nacelle coverings through to complete complex systems for offshore wind turbines and clients from the leisure, rail and automotive sector, we are able to execute precision repair work to laminate and gelcoat damages.

Fassmer Industrial Service provides perfectly coordinated repair work to eliminate cavities, lightning and erosion damage. Professional cleaning is also of benefit for the value retention of technical systems. If necessary, defective components can be replaced timely with original parts. If required, these can be procured directly via FR. Fassmer GmbH & Co. KG.

The following repair work can be carried out:

  • Elimination of cracks and cavities in coating and structure
  • Installing erosion protection foil
  • All forms of coating and painting work 
  • Repair of lightning damages
  • Installation of aerodynamic components such as e.g. vortex generators



Professional, regular cleaning is of immense benefit to the value retention of systems. Cleaning of the inside and outside of the tower as well as rotor blade cleaning are part of preventive maintenance and ensure early identification of initial defects. 

Our services include the cleaning of rotor blades and towers in the case of soiling resulting from normal operation (oils, fats etc.), nacelle cleaning, removal of mould infestation and cleaning work in the course of post-fire restoration.



Our Services: